"We are overcome by
the word of our testimonies."

A Drive That Changed Everything

Growing up I have always known who God is. I was raised going to church every Sunday. But at that age, all I knew was that there is a God and He is good. I did not really care to have to go to church every Sunday especially because our home church then was at 7 pm at night. When my family and I moved to a whole new state and my parents separated we stopped going to church every Sunday it was just an every now and then let’s go to church thing. It wasn’t because my mom didn’t want to go but it was because now she had to work two jobs, day and night to take care of me and my little sister. It was hard on her and then I had basically become my little sister’s 2nd parent. 

I had to take on a lot as a teenager. I didn’t get to do as much without having my sister with me. By the time I was in high school I wanted to be able to have more freedom to hang out with my friends and I couldn’t. Once I graduated high school my sister was able to watch for herself and I didn’t have so much responsibility. I had more freedom to go out and hang out with my friends. I was loving it. I still wasn’t attending a church regularly but I had visited one that I really liked but my partying and hanging out with friends schedule didn’t go well with making it to church every Sunday. As I continued to go out I started meeting new friends. I met this boy that I was crushing on, that’s why I was even more motivated to go out so that I could see him. But that didn’t get me anywhere good.

The more I was going out the more I was drinking and driving and I thought it was okay. Until one night I had way too much and decided to drive that night with my friends. I had made it to my friends but I didn’t want to stay there and there was no changing my mind. I left and I ended up getting pulled over that night and was charged with a DWI. I felt as if my world was ending when I realized that I was in jail for the night. I had plenty of time to think of how I got there and what I needed to do now. That whole experience made me feel alone and like giving up. Never in my life had I felt any negative feelings like that. So I decided that this was a time where all I had and could do was run to God. I prayed and asked Him to help me get through this. Instead of feeling sorry for myself, I decided to use my situation for good I decided to let go of living the way I was living and instead live for God.

 I started going to church every Sunday I even signed up to serve in youth ministry. Even though it was something new I did it and I met amazing people that led me to a whole new way of doing life. I was spending most of my days in the church. Giving my time and talents to the house of God. Being there made my problems feel so insignificant. I wasn’t so depressed about being in a crazy situation. I had God on my side so everything was good. I have always said this, even though it sounds crazy my DWI was a miracle in disguise because if that hadn’t happened I would still be living the way I used to. I wouldn’t have met the people I know now, I would have not gone through a whole 2-year internship learning more about who I am and who God is. My life changed completely after that.

 I can honestly say God was the author of that He knew I wasn’t going to change if I didn’t get hit hard. God knows His people too well. I am thankful to have Him in my life now. I am thankful for His love for me and the transformation he has done in my life. The favor I had through my DWI deal. He was with me through every court day and through the 14 months of probation that I had. He made it all so much better. 

Thank you Jesus for changing me forever. Now I use my story to help others get through hard times and to understand one bad thing isn’t the end but it might just be the beginning of a new way of living.

Rosa Ventura