"We are overcome by
the word of our testimonies."

Overcoming Anxiety

My walk with God has always been there thankfully to the way my mother raised me which was in the church. As a little girl I did not have much understanding of his word but I eventually understood that God was the only and right way to live by. My life has not always been sunshine. There has been some rain in my life but my faith in God has never failed; through any of the circumstances I have had to endure. There was one major life event that completely moved me and allowed me to grow into the person I am today.

It all started during my middle school years where I found out that I dealt with anxiety and was on the verge of entering depression. From what I can remember it was a summer before going back to school that I completely just went through a season where I was not even myself. My days were filled with no motivation to do anything, I no longer felt any intention to look presentable or even go out, I hardly felt the need to eat and the worst part of it all was crying out at the end of my days and not understanding what the reason behind my tears was. Little did I know that it was all anxiety and I was allowing it to win over me.

There was a point where my mother took me into the doctor. I don’t remember how exactly that appointment went but all I know is that their solution was containers filled with pills to “help” the anxiety. I was prescribed two bottles that would last for two years. I am so thankful that my mother did not allow me to take not one pill. Her trust was in the man above and she knew that there was something more powerful, she knew there was a healer who would help me overcome my battle.

I am glad that I also did not give up on my God during this season. I completely trusted him and knew that if I put my will into wanting to overcome I could with His strength and not those pills that temporarily relieved the feelings of anxiety. There were so many efforts that I did in order to help with what I was going through. I also remember at one point going to counseling sessions to really try to get some help and understand where exactly the anxiety was deriving from. I remember listening to a series of podcasts to help relax the emotions before going to bed ; it was like meditating.

After all those efforts I did one thing that changed my life forever and that was simply creating a tighter relationship with God and constantly putting myself in his presence. I began going to church more and eventually serving for the youth ministry. With time God began to heal me and I finally was allowing myself to grow through what I was going through. I wasn’t just allowing myself to stay down and relying on my feelings. I overcame anxiety and I have never felt those horrible feelings of anxiety again. All glory to God because without him I wouldn’t be the person I am today.

I now share my story with those that may feel discouraged or those who feel as they are going through what I went through in hopes of giving them hope that if there is a will there is a way. All things are possible with God and if it’s one thing I know is he will always fight your battles with you and never leave your side. I will always give thanks to my God for getting me through that trialing time in my life. As well as for always working in me to be the best me I could ever be and all to fulfill the purpose he gave me.

Kayte Ventura